Gerry Mulligan-Little Big Horn-album coverArtist: Gerry Mulligan

Release Date: 3/15/2011
Catalog No. LMF-7001
Format: Album (vinyl LP and digital download)

“Little Big Horn” exemplifies Gerry’s career-long tradition of innovation by exploring new writing styles while maintaining the intuitive sense of melody that makes his music so accessible. Recorded in 1981 with a first-rate ensemble, the album features six Mulligan compositions written for big band, small combo, and vocal performance – all featuring his distinctive melodic approach to arrangement and improvisation.

Joining Gerry is a stellar lineup with Dave Grusin on piano, Anthony Jackson: electric bass, Jay Leonhart: acoustic bass, Buddy Williams: drums, Richard Tee: piano, Marvin Stamm and Alan Rubin on trumpets, Keith O’Quinn: trombone, Lou Marini: alto saxophone, and Michael Brecker on tenor saxophone.Faithfully restored from the original analog master tapes. Available formats: 24bit/96kHz HD FLAC, MP3, and a limited edition 180g audiophile vinyl pressing.

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