The Lancia Store makes it easy to download your music. After your payment is processed a page will open with a purchase receipt and the download link. For an album, there is one link for each track. Just click on the links to begin downloading automatically. You can also download later using the links sent in the confirmation email.

If you have any problems downloading or setting up the files you purchased, contact us at

Remember: the time it takes to download a file is dependent upon your connection speed and the size of the file. Audio files, in particular hi-definition FLAC files, are very large.

Downloading for PC Users

It depend on the browser you are using, but typically the standard Windows “File Download” dialog box will open. Choose <Save> or <Open> and follow the instructions. If you choose <Open> the file will be downloaded to your default directory and opened in your default player. If you choose <Save> you can specify the destination directory.

If you can’t find where the file was saved, click on the Task Bar <Start> button (bottom left) and then select <Search>. Enter all or part of the file name to locate it. Double clicking on the file will launch your default media player and play the song.

Downloading for MAC Users

It depends on the browser you are using, but in most cases when you click on the link the file will download automatically to your default directory. For Safari users, MP3 files will automatically launch in iTunes.

Recommended Digital Audio Players

We recommend the following players which can be downloaded free of charge from the developer’s website:




Media Monkey



VideoLAN (VLC)